[Lumiera] menugen.py bug

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Wed Oct 31 11:40:24 CET 2018

On 10/31/18 2:36 AM, Christian Thaeter wrote:
> interestingly it created 2 gitweb entries (on staging) thus i removed
> the menu entry from devs-vault/index.txt then only one remained.

Ah, this is a good hint.

In fact, there are a small number of entries, which are hard wired
within the menu script itself. It has kind of an internal DSL, and
you can use basically the same commands both in this internal
baseline definition, and in the // MENU comments

The internal (hard wired) definitions are in the function


...which is the first function in the script, close to the
other hard wired definition (its a script after all)

In this function you'll find

    # define external links
    doc.link('https://lumiera.org/doxy',           label="API Doc (Doxygen)")
    proj.link('https://issues.lumiera.org/roadmap',label="Roadmap (Trac)")
    vault.link('https://git.lumiera.org/gitweb',   label="Gitweb")
                                                   label="Proc TiddlyWiki")

However, duplicate links should normally be filtered away, since IIRC,
we store a "pageID" in a key-value store ("dictionary" in Python parlance).

For internal pages, this pageID is unique, but IIRC, for external links
we use the full link as ID, and so some other unresolved HTTP / vs HTTPS
issues might be the actual root cause for this duplicate.

-- Hermann

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