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Wed Apr 15 18:42:54 CEST 2015

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Hello all,

last weekend, Lumiera core team has met at LAC in Mainz,
which was a quite inspiring conference, as always.
Special thanks to the Linux Audio folks who made this possible.

Today I'd like to bring to your attention a new contribution
by Christoph Varga: the draft version for an Interface and
Workflow concept. Christoph is present here on the Mailinglist,
he is a young film maker from Vienna. So this is certainly
not a coding contribution, rather the result of suffering
the imperfections of existing editing software and his
thoughts and considerations how things could be arranged
to support better our (human) needs and mode of expression
when editing and working with media.

As you all know, the world of computer interfaces is in flux
and in a state of change. Thus, we especially appreciate such
a "meta" viewpoint, which is not so much focussed on concrete
cool features, but rather on the way you work with the tools.

In fact, this concept did not come out of the blue: Christoph
approached me first in 2013, we exchanged thoughts and ideas
both by mail and face to face -- the Lumiera project always
encourages contribution by those people actually working
with film and media.


Feel free to comment or start a discussion; personally I intend
to comment in more detail on some aspects the next days.


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