[Lumiera] Mail from China

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Tue Sep 23 02:37:30 CEST 2014

Am 23.09.2014 00:17, schrieb Benny Lyons:
> Anyone else get this mail from China?

Yes, got that too. And I got it already last year. Out of curiosity,
I responded last year, indicating that "Lumiera" is not a business,
that we don't want to sell goods in china, but that on the other
hand they should not expect that we engage into any negotiations
with them. I tried to word that in a candid way. And I added
that there is no such thing like an "Internet Keyword", and
I'd like to get some clarification from them regarding that.

As expected, there was no response, but 2 weeks later the
second mail explained, that one of their customers insists on
using the brand "Lumiera" and considers to take legal steps
and that they offer to be helpful and mediate in that dispute.

Oh well. Nice try.

Incidentally, if there is something which /might/ lead to
trouble, that its the "Lumia" and "Lumira" style names for smartphones.
If people continue to create this kind of brand names and find them
sexy (I mean if this isn't a short lived fad and goes away), then
we might have to be more careful. Right now, a google search for
Lumiera turns out almost nothing ;-) which is fine or not,
but sort of OK-ish.


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