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farid abdelnour snd.noise at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 15:22:34 CEST 2014

hi hermann

thanks for the heartwarming news :)

what matters really in the end is that you guys are ok and everything is
happening at its own natural pace.

best wishes.

2014-09-12 23:54 GMT-03:00 Ichthyostega <prg at ichthyostega.de>:

> >> Now, you might ask, "what did you do at your meeting" -- well, then I'd
> >> answer "Oh, nothing... just wandering..." ;-)
> Am 13.09.2014 01:27, schrieb farid abdelnour:
> > with all due respect but it would be nice to know what has been going on
> > with lumiera. seems that cinelerra-hv is back...
> Hello Farid Abdelnour,
> a quick answer from my personal perspective: nothing changed dramatically,
> matters go on and go on, just people get older. IMHO, Cinelerra-HV was
> never
> "away", but is a roughly finished application, well suited for everyday
> work,
> but with the same old well known limitations. The activity in Cinelerra-CV
> revolves around the same unanswered questions again and again. Like e.g.
> who
> cares for the infrastructure? What direction to take, how to relate to
> "upstream", who leads the further efforts?
> Anyway, not our concern. In Lumiera, we have a different situation and
> different problems. But nothing new here likewise. The conclusions
> we draw and the way we want to tackle matters looks as valid as ever,
> while we still lack people able to engage in such a large scale and
> long term task.
> Personally, during the summer months, I had an enticing (sound) recording
> assignment (aside of my work job, of course). And I did some improvement
> for Blender, which is still pending review. On the coding frontier I
> am hunting down some follow-up issues after switching the build to
> C++11 compliance. Nothing visionary, nothing exciting, nothing
> enticing, nothing but unspectacular maintenance work in a
> large code base.
> At and after the FrOSCon conference, we (Christian, Benny and me) met
> in person, we helped at the conference, we had our developers room as
> always, and talked to some new people and a lot of well known friends.
> Indeed. People get older. The Open Source movement gets older likewise.
> After the conference, we spent some days near Karlsruhe, hiking in the
> Alsace and Black Forest mountains, discussing current infrastructure
> and development problems and watching some good old movies...
> Cheers,
> Hermann
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