[Lumiera] What's up?

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Sat Sep 13 04:54:16 CEST 2014

>> Now, you might ask, "what did you do at your meeting" -- well, then I'd 
>> answer "Oh, nothing... just wandering..." ;-)

Am 13.09.2014 01:27, schrieb farid abdelnour:

> with all due respect but it would be nice to know what has been going on
> with lumiera. seems that cinelerra-hv is back...

Hello Farid Abdelnour,

a quick answer from my personal perspective: nothing changed dramatically,
matters go on and go on, just people get older. IMHO, Cinelerra-HV was never
"away", but is a roughly finished application, well suited for everyday work,
but with the same old well known limitations. The activity in Cinelerra-CV
revolves around the same unanswered questions again and again. Like e.g. who
cares for the infrastructure? What direction to take, how to relate to
"upstream", who leads the further efforts?

Anyway, not our concern. In Lumiera, we have a different situation and
different problems. But nothing new here likewise. The conclusions
we draw and the way we want to tackle matters looks as valid as ever,
while we still lack people able to engage in such a large scale and
long term task.

Personally, during the summer months, I had an enticing (sound) recording
assignment (aside of my work job, of course). And I did some improvement
for Blender, which is still pending review. On the coding frontier I
am hunting down some follow-up issues after switching the build to
C++11 compliance. Nothing visionary, nothing exciting, nothing
enticing, nothing but unspectacular maintenance work in a
large code base.

At and after the FrOSCon conference, we (Christian, Benny and me) met
in person, we helped at the conference, we had our developers room as
always, and talked to some new people and a lot of well known friends.
Indeed. People get older. The Open Source movement gets older likewise.
After the conference, we spent some days near Karlsruhe, hiking in the
Alsace and Black Forest mountains, discussing current infrastructure
and development problems and watching some good old movies...


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