[Lumiera] tried building gdlmm-3.3.2

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Fri Jul 12 03:28:27 CEST 2013

Am 09.07.2013 03:24, schrieb Hendrik Boom:
> Maybe I need to regress my sources.list to a previous Debian release, 
> install the packages I need for lumiera, and then go back to jessie?
> Though it would kind of defeat the point of trying to build on jessie.

Please don't mess up your Debian installation just for getting Lumeira
built. This isn't necessary.

The problem you're encountering isn't new to jessie. It existed on
Wheezy too. Right now we can't build on Wheezy with just the standard
packages from Debian, since Debian doesn't ship that *old* lib GDL-1.0

While it would be nice to port Lumiera to GTK-3 and then use the newer
GDL-3.3, this isn't necessary just to get it compiled on Wheezy and
Jessy (and all newer Ubuntu flavours, which cause the same problem)

In fact, I have a ported debian source package right here, and I have
compiled it on my old Squeeze and can still happily link against it
on Wheezy -- unfortunately I was so busy the last weeks that I didn't
find the time just to rebuild it for these new distributions and
upload it to our lumiera package repository (which would settle the
problem altogether).

But rebuilding it yourself from the debian source package is not
difficult. In fact it is way simpler than building it by foot, since
the debian package manager can be used to get all the build dependencies

The source package is already uploaded to our package repo.

To build it, you'd need to do roughly as follows

1) download the source package from our lumiera repository
   You need to download the following three parts


   Place those files in a directory which you'll use as working space
   for building libraries and stuff

2) extract the source package

dpkg-source -x gdl_2.30.0-1.dsc

   this will extract the sources into a subdirectory gdl-2.30.0

3) verify and/or set up the build dependencies:

sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get build-dep gdl=2.30.0-1

   --alternatively (or if the above doesn't work), you can

cd gdl-2.30.0

   the last command will print any lacking build dependencies. If so,
   then go ahead and install the indicated debian packages. Sometimes
   this proposes several alternatives (separated by a '|' sign). In
   this case, you can just pick one branch. Anyway, when done with
   installing, just re-run the 'dpkg-checkbuilddeps', it should output
   nothing, which means all dependencies are available

4) from within the directory gdl-2.30.0, start the build

dpkg-buildpackage -b

5) when the build has finished, you'll find several new binary packages
   in the directory one level above (cd .. ), You can install them
   directly with the debian pacakge tool

sudo dpkg -i libgdl-1-dev*deb libgdl-1-3*deb libgdl-1-common*deb

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