[Lumiera] Git question

Hendrik Boom hendrik at topoi.pooq.com
Thu Jul 11 04:00:06 CEST 2013

Looking for advice as to best practice here.  I'm guessing something 
like this is available, but I don't know how this is actually put 
together out of the complicated git command options.

With monotone, the working directory (where edit files and debug the 
program) is separate from the database (which is the revision 
management repository).  Whne you join a project, you first clone 
the database, then set up one or more working directories that refer to 
the data base.

Those working directories contain the (perhaps edited) files of the 
revision being worked on and smoe local status information, bit mostly 
they just refer to the database.

It's quite useful to have multiple workspaces; each can be used for 
investigating a different bug, for example.

Not I gather there's some way to do somehtig like this in git.  Of 
course some cloned repository would take on the role of database, 
but how does one get another (maye I should call it a virtual) clone to 
refer to the first one so that the entire repository isn't duplicated?

-- hendrik

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