[Lumiera] ANNOUNCE: Lumiera Developer Meeting, November 2012

Benny Lyons Benny.Lyons at gmx.net
Thu Nov 15 16:26:47 CET 2012

Hi Farid, 
Thanks for your interest in Lumiera.  It is always good and ensuring to hear from people who are interested in Lumiera.

As might not be obvious from the Lumiera project pages, the project is alive and kicking.  There is indeed activity within the project, albeit activity that is more of a developer nature; activity that is to a certain degree difficult to portray on the Lumiera site. 

There are no small number of potential users all on 'observer mode', waiting in anticipation for tangible results.  Their devotion and interest in Lumiera deserves to be rewarded with more frequent and reliable bulletins to the pages; something to which the core developers, are painfully aware.  Indeed this was discussed last night on our monthly IRC meeting.

We shall attempt to update the News section soon.

You ask after 'the state of Lumiera'?
Well, the project is marching on with much too few developers---a significant drawback in Lumiera at the moment.  Progress is being made, however, the road has been hampered with unexpected technical difficulties.  These have not suppressed development, just caused some delay.  The project is inhabited by a small, but keen and dedicated core of developers, who still adhere to the original sights set by the project when it was initially forked.  Progress is being made, however this is slow at the moment.

The quintessential question on the minds of most people interested in Lumiera, and certainly something I read between the lines of your email,  is 'when'; some would even vie for 'if'.  I, and all the Lumiera core developers, would have to dismiss the 'if'; otherwise we would be wasting our time. The 'when' is more difficult to answer, something with which the Lumiera developers are, to some degree or other, battling with.    From my present coign of vantage, I can not pinpoint a Lumiera date to compete with the hysteria surrounding the release of the recent Windows whatever; nor have we quiet yet booked the Royal Albert Hall for the next iLumiera Launch.   This is still some distance from us at the moment.

There might possibly be a case for the core developers to sit down and rethink how progress is reported---possibly __any__ progress reports being better than none!---but there is a strong resistance within the project to spin-doctor news.  It is not really what Lumiera is about.

You pose the following:
> whats the focus of the project at the moment? do you think you are going
> through a crisis as well?
Well, we do have several foci at the moment, however, these tend to be more technical.  
I shall not deliberate in any detail on whether the project is 'going through a crises'.  That is a matter of perspective.  Personally, I would concede to a certain crises in as much as there is not as many developers involved in Lumiera as originally anticipated.  But this seems to be a more general malady suffered by all Open Source projects at the moment.  The original tide of Open Source volunteers has lapsed recently somewhat.

> it would be nice to here a release on news from lumiera :)
I definitely agree. As previously said, we shall try to update the News more frequently, so look out for new postings.

>  i have a lot of hope to someday use lumiera and send you all positive
> vibrations!
Thanks very much, that is always nice to hear.

OK, Farid, I do hope to have addressed most if not all your questions here. Please do not hesitate to contact this ML if something has not been answered satisfactorily, or if you have further observations to make.

Indeed, that applies to anyone reading this ML! Please do not hesitate in passing on your comments to this ML should you feel the wish to do so.

Hope this helps


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> Betreff: Re: [Lumiera] ANNOUNCE: Lumiera Developer Meeting, November 2012

> hi guys
> long time :)
> hope all are doing well
> unfortunatey i wont be able to make it to the mmetong since i am produning
> the brazilian blender conference blender.pro.br
> but i leave some questions that the community might like to know:
> you know there is a crisis for a long time now with nle in gnu/linux...
> are
> you aware of this for example:
> http://jeff.ecchi.ca/blog/2012/11/10/lightworks-is-not-anywhere-close-to-open-source/
> what me a problably many others would like to know is the state of
> lumiera... when the project started we knew it would be tough but not that
> much maybe.
> whats the focus of the project at the moment? do you think you are going
> through a crisis as well? since lumiera started we have seen projects,
> such
> as novacut and shotcut, which came later which have taken off faster...
> could you comment about that?
> it would be nice to here a release on news from lumiera :)
> i have a lot of hope to someday use lumiera and send you all positive
> vibrations!
> cheers :D
> 2012/11/14 Benny Lyons <Benny.Lyons at gmx.net>
> > Hi,
> > I've started work on writing a script to modify Asciidoc a little to
> suite
> > our particular needs; unfortunately, not been able to devote much time
> yet.
> > I'd like to discuss a few things about this tonight, this shouldn't take
> > long, I can pose questions here.
> >
> > Moreover, what would be the best way to initiate a shortterm IRC on
> > Lumiera?  Short message here?  Anyone on IRC within the next couple of
> > hours? or something similar?
> >
> >
> > For later this evening on IRC:
> > Being unsure about a few things, I dumped all 'unsure' things into a
> > configuration file. I think I called the script tagit.sh, which is in
> > .../.git/hooks. Where can I best place .tagitrc, the config file?  In
> > ../.git/hooks as well? Or in /etc, or possibly somewhere in /var?  Not a
> > terribly important question, you might think, but then a number of
> related
> > issues pop up?  Which user runs or should own the pre-script?  surely
> not
> > root.
> >
> > At the beginning, it would be nice to write errors to a log file (this
> can
> > be then turned off, which is what we'll aim for, by a setting in the
> config
> > file). The location of where the log file is written is also configured
> in
> > the log file, but where is best: /var/somewhere?  Would there be any
> write
> > permission problems?
> >
> > I've decided, more due to some uncertainty rather than providing
> > flexibility, to guide the search path by setting some variable in the
> > config file.  Everything below this directory that ends in *txt, is
> > persummed to be an Asciidoc file and is parsed for various tags which
> are
> > then substituted.  I see that the directory is ..../doc is just a link
> to
> > www.lumierawhatever.xx; but knowing the the file and it's path location,
> > how to I get it's link? (I'm probably missing the straight and easy
> obvious
> > here).  Is it just ..../doc/path/to/this/file.txt -->
> > www.lumierawhatever.xx//doc/path/to/this/file.html ?
> >
> >
> > I've also decided to provide categories---or did we decide this on our
> > last IRC meeting, I think possibly so; anyway a good idea that can be
> > extended.
> > So I kicked of with providing a GLOS tag (or whatever I called it for
> > glossary).  GLOS type tags will have an index (or keyword) and an entry,
> > i.e., the definition---classical dictionary type thing.  All GLOS type
> tags
> > will be parsed out of the text in which they appear, written to a file
> in
> > .../glos/ in appropriate ASCIIDOC form, which will hopefully be nicely
> > processed by Asciidoc to provide a nicely formated file with keyword,
> > definition couplets for user-friendly viewing.
> >
> > Well, that's what I'd like to talk about tonight.
> >
> > Until later then
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> > > Betreff: [Lumiera] ANNOUNCE: Lumiera Developer Meeting, November 2012
> >
> > >
> > > Hello all,
> > >
> > > this time I had almost forgotten that the regular developer meeting is
> > > due.
> > > As usual, the next regular Lumiera developer meeting should take place
> > > next
> > >
> > > Wednesday, November 14, 2012 -- starting 20:00 UTC
> > >
> > > The meeting will be on freenode.net in #lumiera
> > > Feel free to propose topics for discussion. Speak up if the schedule
> > > doesn't work for you. And in case there is nothing to discuss, I'll be
> > > there tomorrow just for the lulz ;-)
> > >
> > >
> > > Cheers,
> > > Hermann V.
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > PS: and yes, I did a little bit for the coding, some refactoring and
> > > clean-up regarding library dependencies and research triggered by
> > > build problems in one of the newer Ubuntu distributions. I know
> > > it isn't much, but we keep going.
> > >
> > >
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