[Lumiera] Developers Room for Lumiera / FrOSCon ??

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Tue May 1 14:54:17 CEST 2012

Am Fri, 27 Apr 2012 16:38:58 +0200
schrieb Ichthyostega <prg at ichthyostega.de>:

> Am 26.04.2012 16:58, schrieb Inga Herber:
> > If your project wants to sign up for a developer room, please write
> > a proposal to projects at froscon.org <mailto:projects at froscon.org>.
> > The proposal should contain a short summary (1-2 paragraphs) of
> > what you plan to do and which special requirements you have.
> > The deadline for the submission of
> > developer room proposals is April 30th.

OOOps .. I completely missed the deadline and wanted to defer this
discussion for the next developer meeting.

I just asked in #Froscon, we may try to apply later, there is another
'call for exhibitors' deadline for a booth (may, 23th). So far there
are only 4 applications from other projects for rooms. There are still
rooms left I just got told!

Yesterday was KaLUG meeting where I meet with Benny. Some (non final)
conclusions we made:

Planning to go:
 - Me and Benny will go to Froscon for sure.
 - I'll book the cheap (just checked, 39Eur/night, Single room +
   Breakfast) and still ok'ish Hotel we had last year ASAP. (last year
   it was already booked out for the FrOSCon days, but we stayed the
   night earlier there)
 - If anyone wants to stay there to contact me ASAP as well then I can
   book a room for him/her too.

Ideas about what we could do:
 - Deadline is over, we may try a late application, but we must first
   decide what we want to do.
 - Can we make an IRC meeting next days to discuss this, How about
 - We can alternatively apply for a booth.
 - I think (from last years experience) that we can't staff a booth and
   a devel room. We should apply for either. (except that a room has
   double use for sleeping there at night, but the Hotel is fine too)
 - We could do the git workshop again (It was successful and
   satisfying to me).
 - Could we rig a Talk about the Lumiera architecture? I think possibly
   not, there are too much loose ends not connected yet. OTOH this is
   quite likely very interesting for Hardcore developers.
 - Benny suggested to make a workshop with a bit broader scope about
   the tools we use. I see some problems there as we can't cover all
   adequately with and things might become a bit washed out.
 - I am thinking a Developer meeting and non public Code integration
   work will be overdue by the time of the Froscon. We may just apply
   and meet on a developer room for ourself and try to get as much as
   possible developers there.
 - Finally we can *just* meet there and enjoy the Conference this year
   (Listening to the talks, contacts to other projects/people)

I am sure that we can do 'something' if we can get a developer room,
nevertheless, if we just miss it FrOSCon is still appealing and we
should meet there again anyways.


> Hi Lumiera devs,
> do we want to apply for a developer room this year again?
> Any convincing ideas what to do there?
> Cheers
> Hermann

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