[Lumiera] Question about scons and backporting asciidoc

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Sat Feb 25 08:57:12 CET 2012

Hi Ichthyo,

I am working again on the new builddrone implementation and come along
scons now, with autotools I can build a project in very small steps and
produce reports about these (testing with nobug here, spare your rants
about autotools :P). That is, I can check for bootstrap, configure,
make (main program), make the tests, running the tests etc.

Mostly this works in scons too, but scons has no bootstrap and
configure stage (which is good, no doubt) but still it checks for
dependencies implicitly when building. Is there some way to factor
these dependency checks out (maybe by some empty build target)? There
is no much urge for this, builddrone could just generate prettier
reports when it can build the project in small steps.

Another question: how hard would it be to backport asciidoc and put a
debian package into our depot (note: this is just informal, I didn't
even tried if the wheezy package could be installed in squeeze
already). Simon helped with setting up a improved builddrone website
and we stomped on some nasty old asciidoc bugs, which we now worked
around but it would be somewhat nice to have a fixed version installed
on our server.


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