[Lumiera] Back in business...

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Thu Aug 30 04:40:36 CEST 2012


after a (very) long break I am finally coming back to Programming on
Lumiera and NoBug and all other stuff what left around! It will
certainly take me some time to catch up where I left but thinks looking
good so far.

As warm-up I am finishing the final bits on the 'builddrone'
continuous integration System which will soon be deployed on our
Development Server to build, test and package the software we maintain.

After that a long outstanding release of NoBug with some new features
is planned. Then Lumiera is on the plan. First some infrastructure
improvements we talked about (on FrOSCon) and then finally core

Now with builddrone testing (building NoBug) locally I already ran in
some Issues. The Latex backend we once made/improved for asciidoc is
quite broken and outdated and needs a makeover. This was meant to be
the backbone for creating high quality printed user documentation (for
NoBug and Lumiera). You can check the old docs on the NoBug page
(http://nobug.pipapo.org/releases/nobug_manual.pdf). I am quite excited
about the quality over the normal dblatex generated PDF. Thats why I'd
like to ask if anyone fond of LaTeX and asciidoc would like to help me
to reinstate the asciidoc latex backend. Or helping to communicate and
push the code upstream (Stuart was always very kind and positive about
our submissions, I only don't want a google account and therefore can't
participate on the asciidoc google group).


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