[Lumiera] Developers Room for Lumiera / FrOSCon ??

Benny Lyons Benny.Lyons at gmx.net
Mon Apr 30 10:25:11 CEST 2012

Morning Hermann & other Lumerites, 
> Any convincing ideas what to do there?
Well, to be honest, not really..

But an idea: what about extending the idea of last year of having a workshop on Git, to broadening our scope to not just encompass Git, rather __all__ tools being used to develop Lumiera.  Examples that come immediately to mind are NoBug (yes, some people like it :=) ), but also the build process in Lumiera is also new, and does not have some of the insane things of automake.  So presenting SCons as is used in the Lumiera project might be benificial: what do you think?  What about buildrone?  (Unfortunately, I'm a real newbie to SCons, but would be a good opportunity to at least learn to grunt in SCons!)

Here's a brainstorm:
   ---organisation of the GIT repo for Git
      (Must be useful for other projects thinking about using Git)
   ---NoBug, the bug poison.
   ---Why and what of SCons v's why and not of automake
   ---Tools we use for reporting/processing bugs (well more about the tools we 'have', and less about the tools we 'use'.)

I'm  sure I'll think of a few more after sending this email off.  We just should possibly concentrate more on the tools and less on the code itself.

What do you all think?

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> Am 26.04.2012 16:58, schrieb Inga Herber:
> > If your project wants to sign up for a developer room, please write a
> > proposal to projects at froscon.org <mailto:projects at froscon.org>. The
> > proposal should contain a short summary (1-2 paragraphs) of what you
> > plan to do and which special requirements you have.
> > The deadline for the submission of
> > developer room proposals is April 30th.
> Hi Lumiera devs,
> do we want to apply for a developer room this year again?
> Any convincing ideas what to do there?
> Cheers
> Hermann


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