[Lumiera] quarterly news (Winter 11/12)

Wouter Verwijlen w_verwijlen at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 27 13:26:06 CEST 2012

Hi Hermann,

In this case it might be better to wait and write a report sometime this summer, although the website looks a bit liveless without regular updates.
Isn't there any other news to be announced?
Still no word from Francesco regarding the status of the redesign?

Kind regards,

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>Am 09.04.2012 15:29, schrieb Wouter Verwijlen:
>> We're behind again on the quarterly news update. If the devs can e-mail
>> their story then I'll mix it into a new report.
>Hi Wouter,
>for my part, I'm a bit at a loss what to announce for the coding news.
>Actually, I did quite some work until about end of January. Then, for
>several "real life" reasons, I had not much time left for Lumiera coding.
>This was a temporary interruption though. I'm just about to pick up my
>work and find my way back into the stuff I left half finished.
>This stuff is somewhat involved. For an outsider, I can't just repeat
>what I wrote for the last news reports: "Ichthyo is working on the player".
>During that time, I just worked my way down more close to the point where
>the player will drop off individual frame calculation jobs to the scheduler.
>Cehteh promised to take on from that point, i.e. he will then care for the
>scheduler, which accepts those jobs and invokes them in a timely fashion.
>Unfortunately I can't announce any tangible feature to be finished. There
>are lots of open ends. I've finished some components, but it would be hard
>to describe them in one sentence. Well, at least the Git history and the
>added notes in the TiddlyWiki show, that there was quite some progress
>during this winter though.
>Maybe Mike could add some notes about his contribution to the GUI framework.
>While these, too, don't show up immediately as features to an end user,
>I think his new contributions to GUI framework and library use are an
>important step ahead.
>Hermann V.
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