[Lumiera] quarterly news (Winter 11/12)

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Sat Apr 14 16:31:41 CEST 2012

Am 09.04.2012 15:29, schrieb Wouter Verwijlen:
> We're behind again on the quarterly news update. If the devs can e-mail
> their story then I'll mix it into a new report.

Hi Wouter,

for my part, I'm a bit at a loss what to announce for the coding news.
Actually, I did quite some work until about end of January. Then, for
several "real life" reasons, I had not much time left for Lumiera coding.
This was a temporary interruption though. I'm just about to pick up my
work and find my way back into the stuff I left half finished.

This stuff is somewhat involved. For an outsider, I can't just repeat
what I wrote for the last news reports: "Ichthyo is working on the player".
During that time, I just worked my way down more close to the point where
the player will drop off individual frame calculation jobs to the scheduler.
Cehteh promised to take on from that point, i.e. he will then care for the
scheduler, which accepts those jobs and invokes them in a timely fashion.

Unfortunately I can't announce any tangible feature to be finished. There
are lots of open ends. I've finished some components, but it would be hard
to describe them in one sentence. Well, at least the Git history and the
added notes in the TiddlyWiki show, that there was quite some progress
during this winter though.

Maybe Mike could add some notes about his contribution to the GUI framework.
While these, too, don't show up immediately as features to an end user,
I think his new contributions to GUI framework and library use are an
important step ahead.

Hermann V.

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