[Lumiera] website redesign status

Wouter Verwijlen w_verwijlen at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 13 21:06:55 CEST 2012

>> Apart from the technical structure we need to look at how we want
>> third-level (and lower) pages to be accessed. The current solution in staging
>> shows an alternate layout with the menu-tree on the left. I personally think
>> it's confusing to switch layout from section to section. I suggest using the 
>> sidebar to show lower-level navigation.
>Ah ok. So your proposal would be to put the top level into a horizontal
>bar, with the entries: Project, Documentation, Build/Install, Contribute,
>Devs Vault.

Yep, the way it is now.

>Would these then also be repeated in the tree navigation?

No, no repitition. Only show the lower level links in the sidebar. 

>I must admit, that I am very happy with that structure. It works quite
>smooth when working with the actual content. But, I also must admit
>that it seemingly is not so optimally chosen from a marketing
>POV. You need to understand the rationale, then it works well.

In that case it might be a good idea to simply split it up. Lumiera.org can point to a website designed for marketing purposes, while a subdomain contains the documentation and dev vault. We can still use the exact same structure that's in place right now, just not integrate the doc and dev vault sections into the top level website on Lumiera.org, and giving them a seperate place + lay-out.

Just a thought.


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