[Lumiera] Dev Meeting this week?

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Mon Apr 9 17:53:00 CEST 2012

Hi Lumi hackers,

time is fleeting.... Seems that next Wednesday is already the 2nd of April. OMG.

This would bee the usual time for a developer meeting. Is there anything
important to discuss right now? I on my part have nothing urgend to settle.
While generally I hoped to get more time, I didn't manage to do anything for
Lumiera the last weeks. Situation seems to become better next weeks.
Anyway, for my part, I just need to continue with coding at the point
I am right now, and have plenty of stuff just to do.

Any thoughts, suggestions, things to discuss?
If necessary, I could arrange just to be at home and in IRC on Wednesday evening.

Hermann Vosseler

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