[Lumiera] quarterly news + website redesign status

Wouter Verwijlen w_verwijlen at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 15:29:37 CEST 2012

Hi there!

We're behind again on the quarterly news update. If the devs can e-mail their story then I'll mix it into a new report.

Second question: is any work being done to complete the redesigned website? At staging.lumiera.org is a nearly-complete template from what I can see.
A while ago I delved into the GIT branch and found out that it was structured in a real confusing way. I drew a scheme to propose a simplification of the structure. I've attached it to this mail.

Apart from the technical structure we need to look at how we want third-level (and lower) pages to be accessed. The current solution in staging shows an alternate layout with the menu-tree on the left.
I personally think it's confusing to switch layout from section to section. I suggest using the sidebar to show lower-level navigation.
Regarding the design: Francesco: have you taken a look at the improvements to your design that I proposed a while ago? (That was: making it more compact and giving more attention to the text by giving it a solid white background).

Kind regards,

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