[Lumiera] Building Lumiera on a 64-bit system?

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Fri Sep 23 00:12:40 CEST 2011

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Am 22.09.2011 13:39, schrieb Stefan Kangas:
> I have been trying to get scons to build 64-bit binaries....

Hi Stefan,

just came back from my usual "evening stroll" around the munich "octoberfest".
I am living quite close, and I like watching all those merrily drunk people!

On a second thought: We don't specify any target platform in the compiler
commands. For an "upstream" developer, IMHO that's the best strategy,
just let the system's defaults kick in.

Anyway, of course there is a hook to pass on these "architecture flags" to
the compiler. Usually, when packaging an application, for a specific distro,
the packager defines these flags explicitly, together with rather conservative
optimisation flags.

running "gcc --target-help" will show you everything you never wanted to know
or configure explicitly for your specific gcc + platform.

Here on my system, amongst others, there is a flag "-m32" and "-m64" to
force the generation of 32bit or 64bit code. On my system, the 32bit linking
fails altogether, because it's a pure 64bit system and I haven't installed
any 32 compatibility versions of the libs.

Maybe, for some weird reason, on your system the compiler decided to err
for an 32bit build. Thus, for the SCons build, you could try out

scons ARCHFLAGS=-m64

Some notes:
 * run scons -h to see all config options.
 * once set, SCons "recalls" options in the file ./optcache
   and uses them for consecutive builds.

hopefully that helps to address the problem somehow


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