[Lumiera] [OPENVIDEO] An announcement from Lightworks

Raffaella Traniello raffaella.traniello at g-raffa.eu
Thu Sep 8 14:06:31 CEST 2011


Today the Lightworks team made an announcement in Amsterdam. It is also 
in the website:

All the announcement it is worth to be read because it tells about the 
company philosophy.

The most interesting part surely is the one about the Linux port (the 
beta release will be out on 19 Dec 2011) and the source release (not 
ready yet, due to the many legal issues and complications in a product 
that has over 20 years’ history).
There is still no mention of any specific license for the code.

Overall I like the long term effort of offering a free basic 
multiplatform application (open source) that can be extended adding 
proprietary codecs and features.


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