[Lumiera] Summer/Autumn 2011 Quarterly news

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Ah, I really hoped to have it finished before my holiday, but due to other duties I didn't manage that. But no worries, I'll do it first thing next week.


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>Am 09.10.2011 17:46, schrieb Wouter Verwijlen:
>> Another three months have passed, so that means a new quarterly news report 
>> needs to be written.
>Thanks for the reminder ... time seems to be fleeting.
>Basically I left the work on the model (timeline, tracks, clips, sequences)
>in the half-finished shape as it is now, and concentrated my efforts fully
>on the player, the framework for output generation and output connections.
>Christian hopes to come back to Lumiera development somewhere this winter,
>and our understanding is that we'll foremost focus our efforts on getting
>the calculation and rendering part combined into a first integration round.
>As we can't build everything required for that goal in an elaborated way right
>now, I concentrated on the interfaces and basic framework in that area, allowing
>us to use some placeholders to stand in for those parts later to be connected to
>the objects in the session.
>Currently I'm mostly concerned with the parts translating a continuously ongoing
>"output stream", which you could play, pause, scrub, ffwd, into the repeated
>invocation of "frame generation jobs". As you probably know, our engine will
>then have a working queue to run these tiny jobs "just in time".
>As a sideline, this work also led me to consider how to abstract different
>kinds of external outputs in such a way, that the same engine implementation
>will be able to serve an X display (with video frames) or e.g. an Jack audio
>client/server with blocks of audio data. Doing it this way could provide
>a foundation for other contributors taking on responsibility for one
>specific kind of output connection, to be implemented independently
>from the ongoing work at the engine
>    Hermann Vosseler
>    (aka "Ichthyo")
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