[Lumiera] Problems with git

Michael R Fisher mfisher31 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 20:45:26 CEST 2011

git remote show origin is telling me git.lumiera.org/LUMIERA is Fetch 
and Push url.
So thats good.
As said already, my recommendation is to use a GUI and always try to 
> where you are. Also, there is the danger to forget to git-fetch beforehand.
I've been using qgit to get a visual.  I'm pretty sure that I was not 
fetching before hand.  So at the very least, I'm right back to where I 
started.  (local)gui and mfisher31/gui are on the same line and way at 
the top, while origin/gui is further down the line.

So should my command set be something like this....

$ git checkout gui
$ git reset --hard origin/gui
$ git pull origin gui

Just guessing.

> Cheers,.  ichthyo/gui is wa,
> Hermann
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