[Lumiera] Creating a New Mutation

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Thu Oct 20 04:58:40 CEST 2011

Am 19.10.2011 17:24, schrieb Michael R Fisher:
> To say the least, it fails miserably with tons of BACKTRACE messages and a 
> crash.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but if I can get a push in the right 
> direction I think I can get this implemented.

see my other reply. Basically it should trigger an assertion failure.
I'll explain you why on IRC tomorrow. Nevermind. You ran into a limitation
which is in no way obvious, without knowing how that mutation works internally.

I've now done a merge, I'll fix a minor problem and verify it further
and then push it to master tomorrow.

Maybe we can join forces again on IRC. What I'd propose is not so much
to create a special mutation, but rather use the time::Control element,
which I've built on my 'player' branch some moths ago. This will go
to master with that merge mentioned above, so that we'll be able to
use it in your GUI code.

I've built time::Control for the player interface, for controlling
the current playhead position, for scrubbing, and for update of
running timecode. IMHO that would also be a perfect fit for the
topic you're just addressing: ongoing changes to a current selection.


 * is a special kind of mutation for time values
 * can be invoked similar to a signal, accepting a changed time
   or duration or timespan.
 * allows to register listeners, which will be invoked on each change.


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