[Lumiera] Creating a New Mutation

Michael R Fisher mfisher31 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 17:24:42 CEST 2011


I attempted to create a new time Mutation for changing a TimeSpan 
value.  Trying to implement in timeline-ibeam-tool.cpp .  
http://issues.lumiera.org/ticket/797  To say the least, it fails 
miserably with tons of BACKTRACE messages and a crash.  Not sure what 
I'm doing wrong, but if I can get a push in the right direction I think 
I can get this implemented.  Check the mfisher31/timeline branch to see 
the code.

What I'm trying to accomplish:  A single Mutation that can be applied to 
a TimeSpan that will change the start time and duration in one shot.  
This will come in handy (as mentioned in ticket 797) but also for 
trimming clips on the timeline (simple editing).

P.S. Also in the timeline branch is an updated timecode-widget.hpp/cpp 
that conforms to the lumiera Quantisation Framework.


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