[Lumiera] Gdlmm Port Works!

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Tue Oct 18 23:54:57 CEST 2011

Am 17.10.2011 19:15, schrieb Michael R Fisher:
> I was able to port it over to gdlmm with ease.  I created a separate branch 
> in my repository called gdlmm-port (hopefully I created it correctly). Not 
> quite finished, but the heavy lifting is done.


>> Also the question: does it give us significant benefit.

> I say yes.

>> For example, (does it) make the code more readable and easier to maintain?

> Absolutely, have a look.  Instead of passing around Gtk pointers everywhere, 
> the panels and panel manager follow suit passing object references through 
> widget ctors and whatnot.  Also, by switching to gdlmm, there is no longer a 
> need to use g_signals.  Gdlmm provides sigc++ signals that can be connected 
> to just like the rest of the gui. And, along with Gdlmm comes the
> possibility to inherit Gdl widgets in case the need for a custom Gdl widget
> surfaces.

Telling from a quick glance, this looks compelling. Code really gets more
readable. I hadn't much time last days, to investigate it in more detail but
probably thursday I'll get some more free time to....

> My altered GDL is based on gdl-1.0 (v 2.30.1) , v 2.31.x builds fine, but
> the devs must have changed something in the internals.

So basically we would use 2.30 as foundation for a "stable" branch
to use for the time being?


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