[Lumiera] GDL question

Michael Fisher mfisher31 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 05:09:16 CEST 2011

> If you want to try that out, you're welcome! Basically this is a newer
> development, but the idea of using a C++ binding sounds fine -- I'd expect
> it to integrate more smoothly with the rest of the GUI.

That was my line of thinking

> Which makes me curious regarding the long-term perspective. Is anyone
> actively developing these bindings?

According to the page on github, there have been commits in 2011 (some in
october).  Development looks to be active.  I grabbed a clone from git and
it was requiring gtkmm-3 as a minimum requirement.  I was able to build a
previous version  gdlmm-2.30.0 against gtkmm2 without any problems though.

> Does anyone already care for packaging?

Don't think so.  All I could find are rpm packages as well.

> Thus, basically we should be careful not to run into a dead end... ;-)

I agree. If major linux distros haven't picked it up yet, then it makes me
wonder if they ever will.  This gdlmm lib has been around for a good 2 years
if not more. I suppose the lumiera sources could house it's own copy of
gdlmm. Not sure if that would be a good or bad idea.

Is there a 'general' procedure for getting new packages added into
distributions?  Or is it usually up to the community to make that happen?  I
certainly don't want to spend a bunch of time porting the panel system to
gdlmm just for it to get dropped and forgotten.

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