[Lumiera] GDL question

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Sat Oct 15 01:57:24 CEST 2011

Am 14.10.2011 19:47, schrieb Michael R Fisher:
> ... I'm actually not linking against the gdl-package provided on lumiera.org.
> I'm using the regular ol' libgdl-1.0 through apt-get on Ubuntu 10.10.  Seems
> to be working fine.

Hello Mike,

the libgdl-1.0 from Ubuntu 10.10 and above should be just fine.
Actually, Joel Holdsworth was somewhat involved into the clean-up of libgdl.
Originally, this was the "Gnome Design Library". It was tightly coupled
to Glade. I don't know much details about that topic, but as I understand,
this line of development was abandoned more or less.

Some people, including Joel, then observed, that this lib-GDL contains really
nice code for docking windows and icon bars. If I recall correct, also the
Anjuta developers were involved. Anyway, they reworked GDL and improved that
code (so Lumiera's GUI somehow acted as a testbed here). In the course of
that clean-up, GDL was re-labelled as "Gnome Docking Library" and most (all?)
remaining references to Glade were removed.

At that time, Joel used some of the reworked features in the Lumiera GUI.
These features also made their way into the Mainline of libGDL, starting
with gdl-1.0 version 2.27.1 (thus from that point on, the gdl-lum package
is obsolete and not required anymore)

> Also, is there any reason that the panel docking system isn't using the C++ 
> bindings for GDL?

> https://github.com/Fabo/gdlmm

> There's also a zip package hosted on gnome.org somewhere.  I was able to 
> build no problem on my machine here.  Seems to be stable.  After looking 
> through the panel sources, it doesn't seem like it would be terribly 
> difficult to switch to gdlmm.  ( I say that now, hehe )

If you want to try that out, you're welcome! Basically this is a newer
development, but the idea of using a C++ binding sounds fine -- I'd expect
it to integrate more smoothly with the rest of the GUI.

The only downside is that the original / official GDL package is available
through the major distributions and standard mechanisms. For GDLmm there
seems to be only a RPM package for Fedora.

Which makes me curious regarding the long-term perspective. Is anyone
actively developing these bindings? Does anyone already care for packaging?
Thus, basically we should be careful not to run into a dead end... ;-)


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