[Lumiera] Non Linux Build Error

Michael R Fisher mfisher31 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 20:10:48 CEST 2011

> Thus, if we wanted to build Lumiera cross platform right from start,
> we'd need the support of dedicated hard core developers of the respective
> other platforms (OSX, Windows). These system level programmers then would
> be required to work very close together, to deliver an engine which behaves
> consistent in the different flavours. Up to now, not a single OSX/Windows
> developer of that skill level showed up or joined the project, and for
> that simple reason we can't build Lumiera cross platform right away.
> (Btw, we believe that we're doing our work sufficiently well structured
> and well documented, so to make such a port to another system also possible
> after the fact)

Good stuff.  Honestly I'd prefer to not have to use Windows/Mac for
anything whatsoever.  I really was just trying to see if it would even
build.  After all Linux is the superior OS IMHO.  I'm a linux guy stuck
in a OSX world.  For the work i do I absolutely have to have a solid,
stable video editor though.  

Good things are definitely worth waiting for.  I can't express enough
how excited I am to be contributing to the Lumiera project.  You guys
are so welcoming to newbies.  Even those of us, me, who aren't familiar
with the Language.  This is great!

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