[Lumiera] Non Linux Build Error

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Sat Oct 8 23:31:26 CEST 2011

> Am Fri, 7 Oct 2011 22:20:38 -0500 schrieb Michael Fisher
>> More like a me not knowing how to use scons. Getting This When Trying to
>> Build under OSX ....

Am 08.10.2011 19:20, schrieb Christian Thaeter:
> We currently only care for Linux, other (GNU'ish) free unixes may or may not
> work. OSX is not yet supported (and we have no plans to do so) unless someone
> else comes up and helps porting it (We'll then merge this). There are few
> things which may need more work than just adapting the toolchain and we don't
> have the development resources to care currently.

Hi Michael and the others,

while I fully agree with Christian, let me elaborate a bit on this issue.
Taking the source base in its current shape, the problems of building on
another platform like OSX are rather easy to overcome. All that's required
is a bit of tinkering and understanding how things work on the Linux
platform, and then to adapt accordingly.

Just the problem is: it won't remain that easy. When we proceed with our
concept as planned, we're bound to enter an area where the workings of
the engine are carefully adjusted to make optimal use of system level
facilities of the OS, in order to get an smooth performance.

Thus, if we wanted to build Lumiera cross platform right from start,
we'd need the support of dedicated hard core developers of the respective
other platforms (OSX, Windows). These system level programmers then would
be required to work very close together, to deliver an engine which behaves
consistent in the different flavours. Up to now, not a single OSX/Windows
developer of that skill level showed up or joined the project, and for
that simple reason we can't build Lumiera cross platform right away.

(Btw, we believe that we're doing our work sufficiently well structured
and well documented, so to make such a port to another system also possible
after the fact)

> Michael Fisher <mfisher31 at gmail.com>:
>> Problem is I have all of the headers excluding valgrind.  And I definitely
>> have pkg-config. I have a gtk-osx, jhbuild, environment setup, to
>> everything is installed to a non-standard location.  I read the scons docs
>> but I can't seem to get it to find by progs and includes.

For some things SCons has a dedicated cross platform mechanism, for
other things it just relies on the python runtime (which is also
cross platform). And it is definitively assumed that the people
using this build system will use python to create their custom

Regarding pkg-config, I did exactly that: I integrated it right into
a Lumiera specific "configure environment". Look into
admin/scons/LumieraEnvironment.py, Line 82

Now lets take a step back. What is the purpose of package-config? why
do we use it? Simple, it more and more emerged as a common *standard*
system on linux to express the specifics of how to build and link against
various libraries. Most every library vendor cares to deliver a working
and correct configuration for package-config, and most any linux distro
cares to get that configurations installed with the lib's dev package.

Thus, when building on a platform where package-config doesn't work
out of the box, using it doesn't make much sense either. It wouldn't
be using a widely accepted standard any more. Maybe that helps to
shed some light on the issue with portability in general.


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