[Lumiera] parallel2012 Conference in Karlsruhe

Benny Lyons Benny.Lyons at gmx.net
Fri Dec 23 15:05:01 CET 2011

Afternoon Christian, 

>  http://www.parallel2012.de/
Interesting. I really wouldn't mind going; I could get the company to cough up for that stiff price, but then I'd have to take charge of  something I'm not at all interested here in.   

I was wondering how Lumiera implements threads.  Unavoidable for a project like Lumiera.  That much overused euphemism 'scalability' often means 'get your threads right, otherwise the application will be a CPU hog; or won't properly run at all!

I haven't really seen any concurrency stuff in the source: although I haven't looked closely enough.  Has such stuff been implemented per thread basis; or is there an API?  I've very recently been looking into OpenMP:


Interesting area and definitely something we've got to get right.

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> Betreff: [Lumiera] parallel2012 Conference in Karlsruhe

> I just noticed that there will be a very interesting conference in
> Karlsruhe (my hometown) in 2012
>  http://www.parallel2012.de/
> For Lumiera developers this is particularly interesting because we
> working on a highly scalable parallel architecture. Unfortunally this is
> not one of the cheap open-source conferences but very expensive
> (890Eur) commercial thing. I can't afford that but maybe someone else is
> interested. I could offer at least staying at our flat to save Hotel
> expenses.
> On the other hand, if there is someone out there who want to donate
> money to Lumiera development, this would be an opportunity to send a
> Lumiera developer to the conference and exactly know for what the
> donation will be spend.
> 	Christian
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