[Lumiera] parallel2012 Conference in Karlsruhe

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Sun Dec 18 16:01:30 CET 2011

I just noticed that there will be a very interesting conference in
Karlsruhe (my hometown) in 2012

For Lumiera developers this is particularly interesting because we
working on a highly scalable parallel architecture. Unfortunally this is
not one of the cheap open-source conferences but very expensive
(890Eur) commercial thing. I can't afford that but maybe someone else is
interested. I could offer at least staying at our flat to save Hotel

On the other hand, if there is someone out there who want to donate
money to Lumiera development, this would be an opportunity to send a
Lumiera developer to the conference and exactly know for what the
donation will be spend.


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