[Lumiera] Build System evaluation -- Autotools / SCons

Ichthyostega.. prg at ichthyostega.de
Wed Dec 14 13:53:44 CET 2011

Michael R Fisher <mfisher31 at gmail.com> hat am 14. Dezember 2011 um 13:14 geschrieben:
> Has anybody ever tried waf?
Waf looks promising, indeed.
Haven't investigated it in more detail yet, just did a quick tryout and poked a bit
in the documentation some time ago.
Waf is a spin-off from SCons, it is conceptually very similar. The implementation is
a partial rewrite/redesign meanwhile. Internally they addressed some of the areas which
turned out to be problematic with SCons. (e.g. their nodes in the build model are more
like tasks and less files/directory-like). Waf performs very well in benchmarks. It
seems to play rather in the CMake / Boost.Jam liga, not in the Autotools liga (like
Of course, plain Make is still a bit faster, but not much.
PS: Ardour is investigating a switch to Waf.
I wouldn't be surprised if many SCons affine projects just change into that camp

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