[Lumiera] Summary last dev meeting / openvideoconference / website

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Tue Sep 21 03:05:33 CEST 2010

Hello all,

Last week we had our usual developer meeting. Well, actually we (core devs)
hadn't much to discuss, but we took the opportunity to discuss some other
relevant topics. I promised to write a short summary (and didn't come around
actually doing it until now, my apologies)

== Openvideoconference
...will be October 1-2, 2010 in New York City.
We think this is an important forum/movement; and while the main focus is
certainly on other things currently, free software for creating free content
should be represented. As far as we know, like last year, there will be a
showcase for open source video editing/production software. Raffa and HermanR
plan to attend the conference and Herman stated he could do a short (10 min)
presentation, provided we'll give him the necessary briefing and support.

== Website
we think, Openvideoconference could be a motivation to get ahead some steps
with out (new) website. Basically, Brian has done some nice work with polishing
the asciidoc stylesheet and the menu. These contributions are very much
appreciated. We understand that he's quite busy currently, and there isn't much
time left until OVC. So the idea was mostly just to use what's there and maybe
do a little bit of further polishing here and there; but mostly we'd need to
focus on the content.

=== proposed additional content
Entry page, an executive summary, a FAQ

=== organisational issues
Velmont pointed out some issues with the current (CSS only) menu. While there
was no final conclusion on that topic, he proposed to look into an javascript
based alternative, so we'll have something for comparison.

We concluded that there's already lots of content pages and maintaining the
navigation will quickly become a burden. Christian looked into writing a menu
generation script, besides that, he proposed to look into a script to generate
the links to the (technical) documentation space which is now located in the
main repository. With these things in place we could reach the point where
it's feasible to move the existing/prepared content into the final locations.

Hermann V.

PS: since FrOSCon and a short holiday time, I was quite busy with other things;
anyway, expecting to get back to lumiera coding soon again...

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