[Lumiera] Lumiera philosophy: Design a car beginning by the engine?

John Griffiths cinelerra01 at grifent.com
Thu Oct 28 07:10:44 CEST 2010

  First, my apologies for not being an active part of the community. I 
had the best of intentions, but work and home have pressed in to consume 
my time with little left. One reason I am writing this at 1 AM.

I find the metaphor of the design and building of Lumiera and car 
interesting. I have owned a race car and built engines and I write 
software (Java).

I may be writing something that is obvious but often the obvious things 
get overlooked because everyone assumes that everyone knows it is 
obvious. I certainly do not mean to offend.

Maintainability! Chevrolet built two different cars (apparently the 
engineers did not learn from the first mistake) that the engine had to 
be partially removed from the car in order to change the spark plugs.

Maintainability in the design and writing of Lumiera must be an integral 
part of the thought process. Also comments should be prolific; the 
function of a method may be obvious to the writer and totally obscure to 
someone trying to debug it later. I do not know if the developers are 
using or plan to use a developer documentation tool, but Doxygen with 
the classes and method calls graphically and hyper linked sure make 
following the flow of a program easier.


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