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Subject: [Lumiera] lumiera philosophy:
          Design a car beginning by the engine?
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Hi From Toronto,

If may I would like to comment on the "engine" discussion.
I created the worlds first electronic editing system for videotape in
1961-62. Until that time, as you may remember Videotape was edited with a
Smiths splicer. Ampex developed EdiTech which allowed switching from playback
to record while the tape was rolling, but it was not accurate and there was
no control of the source machine.

The engine was crude but it did exist, but I do not think I thought
about in that respect. The existing components were tools to be used in
achieving a more efficient and accurate way of editing randomly shot video

The system consisted of a Computer, essentially a electronic Decade
counter, purchased from a cloth manufacturer who used it to measure Bolts
of Cloth, it could be set to count from 1-9999 pulses derived from the
tape machine capstan controller and deliver a count termination pulse
used to trigger the edit point.

I will not bore you with the trials and tribulations of getting the
system to work suffice to say this same system produced the worlds first
videotape single frame animation, demonstrated at the SMPTE meeting in Chicago
and a year later the first single frame Color stop motion. Another year later
we developed and used time code to produce a Chevrolet commercial shot In
Detroit and edited in Toronto from time code `burned in`to a 1 inch tape
copy of scenes selected by the Director.

I am now 81 years of age, but I look at what your are attempting create
with same interest as I had when I was excited by the same type of challenges
you now have. No one component is more important than the other, as in life
something will come first and other things will come later, and adapt.

To All Lumierans
I wish you success, keep up the good work and yes I still edit video
so we need you as soon as possible.

Peter Hollidge

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