[Lumiera] Understanding lumiera view

Ichthyostega.. prg at ichthyostega.de
Mon Oct 25 21:55:08 CEST 2010

Am 25.10.2010 03:27, schrieb Roland:
> ...I understand that it can lead to other ways to work with media (maybe).
> In particular, you seem to see Lumiera as a sort of programming language (as
> Hendrik Boom suggested it) that would be graphical. But how far graphically
> do you see it to be?

Hi Roland,

maybe I should clarify that notion a bit. The observation pointed out by
Hendrik Boom is certainly valid, but actually we don't see Lumiera as a kind of
programming language right now. We do employ some principles known from
programming languages (like e.g. the ability to embody parts of the language
definition into the language itself, which makes for a quite flexible tooling).

But foremost, it's not an programming language, i.e. not general purpose, but a
specialised tool for a very clear and distinct use case (professional editing).
This use case imposes some special complexities, and we try to come up with
technical solutions to be able to cope with these complexities maybe in a
better way then existing tools do. All of this does have the potential
to evolve into something more general purpose and open, (and that's intended),
but foremost our goal is rather "pedestrian" (as hermanr put it nicely).
We start to build a tool which really is up to that specific job, but has
the ability to survive, adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing environment.

I don't want to stop this discussion, please go on. How far graphically could
such an editing / working environment be, conceivably? What do we mean with
'graphically'? Viewing video and effects in real time? Drag'n drop? Displaying
the internal wiring as a tree of nodes? Having a shiny animated  display of a
simulated Steenbeck?

Probably, also the right balance is a problem. We have limited developer
capacity. We can't build an immersive virtual 3D space where you'd put
together your movies as in "minority report".

So, to start with, we'll certainly get tracks, clips and attached effects as
boxes, with the ability to drag and trim with the mouse. But beyond that?
Are there any 'graphical' ideas which are doable with a modest amount of
dev power and which yield an improvement in a professional workflow?


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