[Lumiera] lumiera philosophy: Design a car beginning by the engine?

Ichthyostega.. prg at ichthyostega.de
Mon Oct 25 21:32:42 CEST 2010

> On Mon, 25 Oct 2010 12:33:23 +0200
> Kurt Georg Hooss <hooss at schoepfung-und-wandel.de> wrote:
>> interesting philosophical question indeed. historic answer:
>> when the engine was invented, the wooden car had to be redesigned
>> to be made of steel and to run on steel rails to carry the engine.

Am 25.10.2010 13:53, schrieb startx:
> this is correct, however, some could argue that if people had waited
> until with the construction of the car around the engine until the
> engine is "perfect", we wouldn't have seen any car on the street before
> 1950ies ...

Hi all,

thus, to pick up on that metaphor, video editing is now arrived in the 1950ies

Initially they hooked up an engine barely capable of doing the job and packaged it into a
mockup of the old "analogue" way of editing film, so it felt
roughly familiar to people trained with existing hardware. From then on, things
got improved and improved and improved in lots of in small incremental steps.

Now we (Lumiera project) got into the situation that we somehow have to rebuild that car,
re-engineer and re-design it, because it simply wasn't viable to brush up an existing car
(Cinelerra). We decided to take the following approach: "lets build something which has
roughly the same power
and capabilities, but without all those mending and tinkering, oddities and compromises
due to the limited capabilities of former days and the endless evolution which led to the
current state of the old car"

Thus, for the engine we know quite precisely what to do and build, but it
takes some patience, because we have to rebuild some things from scratch and
deliberately *don't* build other things ourselves any more, but try to rely
on existing parts commonly available today.

But evidently, for "the rest", we get the opportunity to re-think what would
really fit that engine, instead of just mending together again those old spare
parts. What would be a good cockpit to control that engine? Only the very basics can be
considered as "set" here, like there is a wheel, brake and gas pedals and the like. It
should be roughly familiar, and it should serve a very
well known purpose, but all "the rest" indeed has to be worked out...


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