[Lumiera] lumiera philosophy: Design a car beginning by the engine?

Kurt Georg Hooss hooss at schoepfung-und-wandel.de
Mon Oct 25 12:33:23 CEST 2010

interesting philosophical question indeed. historic answer:
when the engine was invented, the wooden car had to be redesigned
to be made of steel and to run on steel rails to carry the engine.

a similar principle might appeal to digital media.
the new engine might be too powerful for what it was meant to drive,
so the outer workings might need a new design and broader purpose.


On Monday 25 October 2010 03:27:43 Roland wrote:
> I didn't understand the diagram.
> My intention restarting the discussion about the GUI was to understand
> why GUI designers (well anyone who wants to consider this task) should
> have to wait until discussions on the core engine go further...
> Even if I didn't agree with the method at first... Do you design a car
> for example by beginning by the engine? ...I understand that it can lead
> to other ways to work with media (maybe). In particular, you seem to see
> Lumiera as a sort of programming language (as Hendrik Boom suggested it)
> that would be graphical. But how far graphically do you see it to be?
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