[Lumiera] meaning of the term "Asset"

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Tue Oct 12 01:12:03 CEST 2010

> Le 10/10/2010 20:25, Ichthyostega a écrit :
>> In this sense, for Lumiera we denote with "asset" all the relevant and 
>> valuable elements you collect and import in order to build up your editing 
>> session. That is
>> - your footage
>> - other media you'll intend to use
>> - plug-ins and effects you might rely on - plus a lot of further data, meta
>>   data and definitions you use or build up in the course of the work
>>   (labels, automation data, edited sequences, busses with configuration,
>>   processing patterns...)

Roland schrieb:
> Can we discuss on them. Make a list or sort of organisation?

Well... mostly what to see from assets currently is like the tip of an
iceberg. Assets play an important role for the internal technology
(that's quite similar as with cinelerra). The AssetManager and the fundamental
kinds of assets where among the first things I implemented two years ago.
Thus, there *is* an organisation of assets which is geared towards
the internal necessities.

You might want to have a look here

Having said that -- not much has been decided yet as to what extend all
of this will become visible for the user. It's obvious that the user *will*
see the media assets in some way or the other and it is very likely that we'll
get some search function and also the possibility to add *tags* on assets
(we need that for controling the signal routing in a more complicates setup).
Its also clear that the proxy editing feature will be organised with the
help of assets, and in a similar way the actual channel configuration
of multichannel media.

Hermann V.

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