[Lumiera] BJMR's GUI mockup/brainstorm

Roland wildhostile at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 21:47:22 CEST 2010

Le 11/10/2010 07:16, Graham Evans a écrit :
> On 11/10/10 10:59, Roland wrote:
>> Le 10/10/2010 11:19, Graham Evans a écrit :
>>> At the 8:00 mark you can see some of the fx starting to line up 
>>> nicely along the bottom: http://www.ableton.com/live?a=what_is
>> something like that? ==> http://sourceforge.net/dbimage.php?id=20337
> not really.  Sorry that video was a pain.
> Here we go - fx panels at the bottom:
> http://karricountry.com.au/downloads/ableton-ui2.jpg 
> <http://karricountry.com.au/downloads/ableton-ui.jpg>
> The following one is in "session view" so ignore the top part of the 
> screen.  However there is a new possibility at the bottom which is to 
> allow these fx panels to minimise into vertical bars.
> http://karricountry.com.au/downloads/ableton-ui.jpg
> It's a while since I used Ableton Live so perhaps I don't recall 
> totally correct however I do remember smooth and intuitive access to 
> control widgets and the sheer amount of info and controls packed into 
> an understandable layout.
> Graham


I thought you were talking about the timeline.
Thanks. The second screenshot is more clear. That's an idea.
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