[Lumiera] BJMR's GUI mockup/brainstorm

Brian Rytel tesla.pictures at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 08:25:48 CEST 2010

Roland wrote:

>  Le 10/10/2010 11:19, Graham Evans a écrit :
> something like that? ==> http://sourceforge.net/dbimage.php?id=20337
> OK, well not related to FX, but I now insist that eventually we look into
something like that 'overview' window. I am a very visual thinker, and can
remember bits of projects that I'm looking for by the arrangement of tracks,
that is a very handy tool. Reminds me of the 'Navigator' from Adobe
Illustrator/PhotoShop, but for video!

In regard to the FX pseudo-GUI (is there a proper development term for
this?) This 'interpretation' graphical rendering system will extend to a lot
more than just FX parameters. Consider adjustable metadata on media assets,
all adjustable assets attributes in the actual 'internal' Lumiera assets,
and also any number of possible interfaces that extends into other programs
(transcoding, ingest, audio configuration). While it is my no means our
intention to create a total environment for all the settings on the editing
system, there will be a number of instances where information is
'passed-through' to modules and external applications from within the
Lumiera GUI, and these will require similar handling as well.

I would wish to consider a pseudo-GUI system that 'pulled' parameters, made
them available to a very lightweight GUI framework that would them be able
to pull graphics from a .png, .svg or similar. This way there would be a
generic set of param controls that could fit & scale with the main GUI, but
could also be customized by changing the param type (slider rather than
dial, etc) and by additional graphics.

Of  course this is another thing to add to the already quite daunting list
of very sophisticated GUI elements already in store, but it's an idea to

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