[Lumiera] BJMR's GUI mockup/brainstorm

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Mon Oct 11 02:39:22 CEST 2010

Brian Rytel schrieb:
> There is a lot of work to be done brainstorming, designing and documenting
> GUI ideas! It gets my creative juices rather stimulated every time the 
> discussions starts up.


> Also, as I somewhat forgot, the use of existing plugin architectures will
> likely (at least the way I see it) yield some sort of a pseudo-gui to adjust 
> the parameters of varying architectures in a more uniform environment inside
> Lumiera.

Interesting idea. Generally speaking, this handling of the various effect
GUIs can be a daunting problem. That's because the existing plugins already
use a plethora of different technical approaches for rendering their GUI
(different widget toolkits, different event handling, private key bindings,
different thread handling). Some even build up an almost complete mini-application.

Some plugin systems (notably LADSPA for audio) deliberately omit any
GUI and just define controllable parameters. We might expand on that
idea and try to define / map / extract some *basic* parameters and
provide a generic (and thus uniform) GUI for them, with the original
GUI then being an "extended options" window. Of course this doesn't
look so nice and colourful, but would give us the benefit of uniform
focus handling, keybindings and a more predictable GUI layout.

Hermann V

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