[Lumiera] BJMR's GUI mockup/brainstorm

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Sat Oct 9 05:01:14 CEST 2010

roland schrieb:
> I see that effects need four things: - A place to store them, - A place to
> change their parameters, - A way to see them when they are added on a clip -
> A way to see that their parameters change along the time.

Hi Roland,

that's a good and concise summary!
The first one is obvious: we'll get asset views. Lumiera treats effects as kind
of asset. Personally I'd like the ability to put together an "effect palette"
with only those (small number of) effects you know to use frequently

The third one is also rather obvious. Cinelerra does the right thing here IMHO
(i.e. showing the attached effects as a small bar alongside of the clips).

But the other two points are rather challenging from a GUI / workflow design
viewpoint. While the basic solution approach is sort-of clear, the difficult
question is how to do it in a way that scales to larger projects. How to keep
a huge number of individual effect attachments under control. How to work on
a larger project, where you have to tweak an parameter here and there,
frequently jumping around between several "active" areas of the current
session you're working on....?

Hermann V.

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