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> Le 22 septembre 2010 00:00, Christophe Ayez <christophe.ayez at wanadoo.fr> a
> écrit :

> j'espère que quelqu'un parle français parmi vous ! je suis monteur vidéo et 
> je ne suis pour le moment pas du tout convaincu par cinelerra, j'attends donc
>  avec impatience la sortie de lumiera. y a t'il une date prévue ?

Hello Kriztof,
Hello Gilles,

thanks for your interest in the progress of the Lumiera project.
Basically, my situation was similar some years ago: using Cinelerra to do some
serious editing projects showed me that it's capable to deliver professional
quality, but in practice, using Cinelerra in this context runs into serious
impediments. My analysis at that time showed me that the reasons for these
problems are not so much individual bugs, but rather deeply rooted, like
disregarding today's standards of professional software construction,
and most importantly -- lets call it "problems of development culture"

While likely it's possible to write an amateur-style video editor by designing
a cool GUI and then just hacking away, adding features as you "discover" them,
the work situation for professional video/film editing is quite more
challenging. Presumably, the scope of such an undertaking on the long run
will surpass the size and weight a single programmer can handle. Interestingly
enough, this surpassing of the capabilities of a individual worker usually
is something you won't notice (as a programmer, you always think you can
rock the world). Thus we need to do better, out of insight into failures
of the past. Either, we need a central project organisation in care of
keeping schedules, retaining quality and remaining within budget, or
we need to care for the growth of a real community, which could
surpass the strength and abilities of a single worker.

Unfortunately, both approaches require to spend a considerable amount of
energy, time or money, "not being used for real coding". Now, as we're an
open source project, and not backed by any commercial body or organisation,
we can't solve the problem by installing an central authority and scheduling
programming tasks. Indeed, we can't promise any schedule, unless an event is
right around the corner. You've guessed it by now -- the release of a Lumeiera
version usable for every day work is /not/ right around the corner.

We're now at the point where the general foundations have been roughly outlined,
so we're able to target a first integration, which would get us a first (even
preliminary) version of a pipeline working from end to end. That is, setting
up a simple session, building a render nodes graph, run it to produce video.
Even that goal is way ahead and involves some steps not even defined now.
But, by disregarding the sheer size of this undertaking, we where able to
make constant progress. Obviously, the most important thing to speed up
the project would be to get more core developers involved; thus
the most important thing any non-developer can do is to help
to spread the word.

Hermann Voßeler
aka "Ichthyo"

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