[Lumiera] Quarterly news

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Thu Jul 29 17:31:08 CEST 2010

Ichthyostega wrote:
> Raffaella Traniello schrieb:
> Ciao Raffa!
>> I wrote some lines to put on the site as Summer news. Please, check, correct
>> and complete them if needed.
> thanks for picking that up ...
> (I wanted all the time and didn't get around to actually doing it)
>> Hermann Vosseler (ichthyo) did some Proc-Layer work (cleanup of placeholder
>> code and reworking of the Session API).
> Hermann Vosseler (ichthyo) continued with the effort of shaping the Session API,
> the interface which will be used by GUI and scripts to manipulate the session
> contents like clips, tracks, effects and sequences.
> Besides clean-up of placeholder code this involved implementing some library
> facilities for registering an accessing the contained parts in an uniform way.
> Moreover, he's engaged currently into the design how to handle the output
> destinations within the session. This is a prerequisite for building a player
> and viewer components or render parts of the sessison in a flexible way.
>> Christian Thaeter
> ...
>> still working on a btree implementation which will be the backbone for the 
>> cache and memory management (indexing)
> I'd propose to reformulate that (is that OK, Christian?)
> currently working on the backbone of cache and frame indexing, based on
> a specialised B-tree implementation.


>> A sister document is on her way: "Lumiera: The inner Core"
> ...
> Actually I'd propose to leave this out for the time being.
> Please understand me right: I am very happy this effort is under way,
> but it's just started currently. If we highlight it in the "coding news",
> we might invite people not familiar with the project to look at the current
> early draft, which is bound to be disappointing. Contrast this with the
> "Outer Space" document, which already contains lots of valuable informations

It was my idea to add this, but from your view i must agree, just leave
it out.


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