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Raffaella Traniello schrieb:
Ciao Raffa!

> I wrote some lines to put on the site as Summer news. Please, check, correct
> and complete them if needed.

thanks for picking that up ...
(I wanted all the time and didn't get around to actually doing it)

> Hermann Vosseler (ichthyo) did some Proc-Layer work (cleanup of placeholder
> code and reworking of the Session API).

Hermann Vosseler (ichthyo) continued with the effort of shaping the Session API,
the interface which will be used by GUI and scripts to manipulate the session
contents like clips, tracks, effects and sequences.
Besides clean-up of placeholder code this involved implementing some library
facilities for registering an accessing the contained parts in an uniform way.

Moreover, he's engaged currently into the design how to handle the output
destinations within the session. This is a prerequisite for building a player
and viewer components or render parts of the sessison in a flexible way.

> Christian Thaeter
> still working on a btree implementation which will be the backbone for the 
> cache and memory management (indexing)

I'd propose to reformulate that (is that OK, Christian?)

currently working on the backbone of cache and frame indexing, based on
a specialised B-tree implementation.

> A sister document is on her way: "Lumiera: The inner Core"

Actually I'd propose to leave this out for the time being.
Please understand me right: I am very happy this effort is under way,
but it's just started currently. If we highlight it in the "coding news",
we might invite people not familiar with the project to look at the current
early draft, which is bound to be disappointing. Contrast this with the
"Outer Space" document, which already contains lots of valuable informations

> Brian RytelBr (BJMR)
Brian Rytel


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