[Lumiera] Quarterly news

Raffaella Traniello raffaella.traniello at livecom.it
Wed Jul 28 23:36:18 CEST 2010


I wrote some lines to put on the site as Summer news.
Please, check, correct and complete them if needed.



  Hermann Vosseler (ichthyo) did some Proc-Layer work (cleanup of 
placeholder code and reworking of the Session API).
Christian Thaeter (cehteh) gave nobug a coverage checker and is still 
working on a btree implementation which will be the backbone for the 
cache and memory management (indexing)

"Lumiera from Outer Space" is a document that outlines the Design from 
some distance, helping people to understand the ideas behind Lumiera and 
understand the tools they get to work with. It is aimed for workflow 
designers any anyone who wants to know how the program works in general. 
The document is still unfinished, but already useful. You can read the 
asciidoc draft here:

A sister document is on her way: "Lumiera: The inner Core" shines a 
light from the opposite end, describing the internal workings of Lumiera 
in more detail.
To know more see 

Stefan Kangas (skangas) and Guram Z. Savinov (savgur) joined the dev team!
skangas is working on GUI, time widget and time handling lib; savgur is 
investigating jack audio integration with the viewer.

We had some great brainstorming about Transport controls. One idea 
stands out: The transport controller GUIs become independent GUI 
elements that can be attached to the very things you want to control.

Brian RytelBr (BJMR) launched a brainstorming with a little GUI mock-up 
incorporating the pre-existing GUI ideas already floating around. It was 
well received.
See the full discussion at 

BJMR is working at the creation of the new website.

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