[Lumiera] DesignProcess retargeting

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Fri Jul 23 18:35:30 CEST 2010

Christian Thaeter wrote:
> Hi,
> We once started maintaning DesignProcess documents (brainstorming/rfc's)
> on my wiki, since this is offline they got asciidoced and suffer a life
> in shadows on the webserver. How about putting them into the source repo
> now, I think thats a pretty good way to go forward with them (and i have
> some more to write).
> suggested path: doc/devel/rfc/ ?

Ok I just did it, there is a new branch 'rfctest' on my repo. Please
take a look and tell me what you think about.

Notably I made a small script to maintain RFC's to make it really
convinient to work with them:

$ ./admin/rfc.sh help
Script to maintain Lumiera RFC's

 ./admin/rfc.sh <command> [options]

 title                  - Quoted string used as RFC title
 rfc                    - Name of the RFC, smart matched
 chapter                - Heading of a section

 help                   - Show this help
 find <rfc>             - List all RFC's matching <rfc>
 show <rfc>             - Read RFC's
 edit <rfc> [chapter]   - Edit RFC at chapter
 process                - Do automatic maintenance work
 create <title>         - Create a new RFC
 draft <rfc>            - Change RFC to Draft state
 park <rfc>             - Change RFC to Parked state
 final <rfc>            - Change RFC to Final state
 drop <rfc>name         - Change RFC to Dropped state
 comment <rfc>          - Add a new comment to a RFC
 discard <rfc>          - Delete an RFC

rfc.sh executes git add/rm/mv commands, but never commits

a small gotcha is that you have to execute that script from the lumiera
base directory, else it will fail and its really a hack.

Importing the old DesignProcess documents worked quite well, I've now
created a doc/devel/images dir to swallow all the images which where
laying around, maybe some links from the old documents are broken. We
may also reconsider if we want to put images directly besides the .txt
files and furher disband the doc/devel/draw dir placing the things there
along with some docs (I am not really after this, just an idea, i
created the 'images' dir for now, not to disturb the 'draw' dir...)


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