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Brian Rytel tesla.pictures at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 11:34:21 CEST 2010

> Ichthyo schrieb:

> the top-level folder "documentation" will of course also contain the
> user-manual. I think it's just an omission by accident in the current
> contents in website-staging.
I was assuming the documentation for the stable version would be a separate

> Then the distinction "technical documentation" vs. "design documentation"
> I must admit that this distinction is difficult to grasp for anyone outside
> the engineering camp....
> Also, several people proposed to have the sub sections within that category
> exactly similar --
I understood the differences, and would not propose merging user
However I imagine there will be some heavy sharing between the resources
(especially early on)
To be clear, not wanting/proposing any merging in docs.

IMHO, "documentation" is the
> best choice, because it is the only precise and exact umbrella term...
> ... "someone" might consider that "documentation" just
> means the user manual....
This I believe is an American connotation issue, and I quickly feel as all
of you,
that other terms than documentation are too vague, as design documents the
design, technical documents the finite details, etc

CT schrieb:

> I may add to the old mail that the directory structure
> (lumiera source, not webpage!) should be refined:
>  doc/devel/rfc/    for final
>  doc/devel/rfc_pending/{draft,
> parked,rejected}/
this works for me...we can decide how to visually lay this out in the future
but two ideas come to mind:
1) index landing page with three blocks for each proposal state and/or
2) three separate pages

> Btw: on the long run i'd like to keep rejected proposals, these are
> valuable for anyone seeing rationales behind in some cases...
I'd propose using a little 'tag' system: (just suggestions!)
rejected/canceled (ideas that are either wrong or just unfeasible)
morphed (proposals that have changed, with a link to its current successor)
abandoned (ideas that have not been approved or rejected, or that have lost
support from the creator)

As a note when I describe attaching things on the site I mean the attach::
It will remain structurally a separate document, and can be displayed in
multiple places (news).
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