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Thu Jul 22 04:10:05 CEST 2010

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Brian Rytel schrieb:
> As I'm trying to progress with the 'new' website I noted a few minor 
> structure points to change and wanted any objections or suggestions:

Hi Brian!

let me comment on some of your comments right here...

> * documentation/  //I propose to call this any of: reference, resources, 
> information or a synonym of your choice, so that this section doesn't appear 
> to be just user-manual

> ** media/    -- white papers, presentations, manuals

> ** technical/        //change this to documentation, as it will hold, 
> essentially instructions on the actual coding

> ** design/

in the time preceding this proposed website structure, this point was
discussed to quite some extent. Maybe I should explain it a bit more.

the top-level folder "documentation" will of course also contain the
user-manual. I think it's just an omission by accident in the current
contents in website-staging. It figures that we don't have a user's manual
currently, so for the time being "user-manual" would probably link to a
page explaining that you can't use lumiera yet etc....
Some time later hopefully this page might hold some tutorial showing the
few things you can already do with lumiera then....

Then the distinction "technical documentation" vs. "design documentation"
I must admit that this distinction is difficult to grasp for anyone outside
the engineering camp. Just these two are present in any complete software
documentation and are indeed /very/ distinct and different things. Like
the birds eyes view versus discussing every nut and bolt.
Also, several people proposed to have the sub sections within that category
exactly similar -- personally, I disagree on that point, again because
the design documentation and the technical reference are so distinct
things, with such a different viewangle.

Now, how to call the top-level folder? IMHO, "documentation" is the
best choice, because it is the only precise and exact umbrella term
which spans the user manual, whitepapers, the design docs and the
technical reference, and just that and nothing else.

Well, I agree that "someone" might consider that "documentation" just
means the user manual. Well, this might be a question of viewangle.
This person could then open the folder and might realize that
documentation is more than just a manual. Actually, I think,
at that point, being precise doesn't hurt anyone.

Besides, there is the proposal with the page footer containing
some important shortcuts to ease the navigation to fequently
needed resources. So this footer might include "users manual"...

> ** design-process/            //the current contents need some re-arrangement
> as some have been replaced by newer document. I think we should create a 
> system for organizing the Draft, Parked, & Final proposals

Yes, fully agreed.
On the original system (Christian's moin moin wiki), we had a macro to
accomplish just that. Probably it will be rather easy to get something
similar when uWiki is ready.

But actually I see another concern here. Hopefully we'll continue to
use this "Design Process", which then will result in a increasingly
large number of final design process entries over time. So we might
consider to move finalised pages completely away and place them
elsewhere (probably most of these entries would be well suited
as detail pages somewhere in the "design documentation"


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