[Lumiera] Developer Documentation

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Tue Jul 20 09:23:05 CEST 2010


I've just started a new Document which will describe the internal
workings of Lumiera in more detail. This "Lumiera: The inner Core"
should acompany the "Lumiera from Outer Space" document someday but for
now its rather a scratchpad, possibly I will just cut'n'paste things
from other places together to bring this forward and I plan to put way
less effort into this document than into the 'From outer Space" one.


This document *may* eventually become a new developer documentation in
the future and accumulate all the different texts which are littered
around at different places currently, this needs some efforts to put it
together and honestly I am currently only after scratching my own itches
writing down some things I am responsible for or need to understand. So,
its future is a bit uncertain but for sure, ichthyo and me likely don't
want to much efforts into polishing it. How about new developers help on
it, that is first they can learn from whats already there and next they
can contribute some parts when they learn and talk with us about it.


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